Resuscitating A Water-Damaged iPhone

Published: 12th August 2010
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If your iPhone has been in a water-related accident (or you're planning for that eventuality), don't fret, there is hope. Although it isn't a foolproof method for recovering a damaged iPhone, many Apple fans who have accidently dropped their phones in water (or beer), are recommending this as an emergency solution.

There are plenty of ways to get your iPhone water damaged. So many in fact that it's one of the biggest cause for claims that iPhone and mobile phone insurance companies face. Washing machines and baths are some of the biggest culprits, as are swimming pools and pubs. Unfortunately Apple had anticipated this would happen and specifically emphasized that their warranty does not cover water damage.

Thankfully there is a way, a way involving rice of all things. The concept of using rice to dry out a mobile phone is something that a few techies and clumsy types have known for a while, but it wasn't until the idea was published in places like the Washington Post that the idea really began to pick up steam.

The following steps are designed to help you recover your iPhone. The practice - as mentioned before - is not foolproof, but doing it ensures you have a much greater chance of saving your iPhone has opposed to simply despairing and repeatedly trying to switch it on.
1. Avoid switching your iPhone on, no matter what. Switching on your phone can cause it to short circuit and this will pretty much destroy any chance you ever had of recovering your iPhone.
2. Try to take the iPhone apart as much as possible e.g. remove the battery, sim card and any other detachable parts such as the case and try to dry these separately.
3. Shake out any excess water.
4. Using a hair dryer, place your iPhone under a low heat setting and blow the air through the phone.
5. Repeat steps three and four, leaving the iPhone under a low heat for about 15 mins.
6. Place your iPhone in a bag of rice and leave it there for at least 2-3 days and up to 7 days or longer if your iPhone was submerged in water for a considerably long amount of time.
7. After enough time has passed, and with your fingers tightly crossed, try switching on your iPhone.

The above method, as mentioned before, has worked for many people and there are a growing number of forum posts which are testament to this. For those not wishing to go through all of this hassle, there is also the option of iPhone insurance. Many (not all) iPhone insurers offer cover against water damage, meaning your phone is insured against all of the various accidents and catastrophes you will put it through.

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